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Polls show that Americans remain unaware that GMOs are in more than 70 percent of foods.

  • 50 countries require clear labeling of all GMOs
  • The current U.S. food safety czar is a former Monsanto vice president
  • About 90% of all GM seeds patents are controlled by Monsanto
  • GM patents prevent independent safety testing or investigation
  • Americans remain unaware GMOs are unregulated by the FDA. The same corporations that told us that Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs were safe, can determine on their own whether their GMOs are safe.

A former member of the FDA’s Food Advisory Committee, Marion Nestle, states “Labeling promotes trust. Not labeling is undemocratic; it does not allow choice.”

Local organizers will provide network resources for consumers interested in improving their diet and fighting the biotech industry’s control of congress and the FDA.

 The Speaking Out for Healthier Food California Tour 2012 is produced by The Institute for Responsible Technology’s Food Policy Fund (FPF) www.FoodPolicyFund.com

The Institute for Responsible Technology’s Food Policy Fund is the 501(c)(4) allied organization of the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT).

We believe that the current generation of GMOs is not safe and should be removed from the market, but in the interim we support the right for consumers to make healthier non-GMO choices.

FPF is focused on the development of policies that promote the mandatory labeling of GMOs, the creation of GMO-free zones and other measures to safeguard human and environmental health. We strongly support independent testing of GMOs.

We support the California ballot initiative known as the California Right To Know Campaign or the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, because we regard it as an exemplary game changer and the restoration of a fundamental right of citizens.

2012 Tour Media Contact
To schedule speaker interviews please call:
NJ Jaeger, IssueTalk Communications
(310) 377-0915

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